Board of Director

Sanjay Kumar Sarawagi

Mr. Sanjaykumar Govind Prasad Sarawagi
Executive Director

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sarawagi is an executive director of L. P. Naval and Engineering Limited. He has expertise in designing, production, marketing and business development. With 24 years of rich and vivid experience Mr. Sanjay Sarawagi is like a light beacon providing a sense of direction to the Company and the Group. He has vast experience in formulating and implementing effective business strategies. A visionary par excellence, he has introduced several innovations in the otherwise traditional textile industry of Surat. His future plan involves getting into the Defence Sector through technical textiles and Engineering services.

Manoj Kumar Sarawagi

Mr. Manojkumar Govind Prasad Sarawagi
Executive Director

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sarawagi is an executive director of L. P. Naval and Engineering Limited. Mr. Manoj Kumar Sarawagi is a graduate in Marketing. He with his dynamism and innovation has changed the way in which Sarees are sold in Asia’s most famous Textile Market - Surat. In order to diversify the business activities of the group and prepare the group for next level of growth he has made a contrarian bet on the Shipbuilding sector. Though the Shipbuilding Industry is currently going through a downturn he believes that the future is going to be promising once the momentum of global trade picks up. He was instrumental in getting the fabrication contract from M/s L & T for fabrication of interceptor boats.

Rakesh Kumar Sarawagi

Mr. Rakeshkumar Govind Prasad Sarawagi
Executive Director

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sarawagi, an expert in Finance has sound knowledge of financial management. He has played a vital role in debt and equity fund raising activity of Laxmipati group. He has been responsible for managing the fund requirement of the group effectively and keeping the funding costs low to enhance returns to the shareholders. He is responsible for complete financial management of the Company. Despite having a non technical background, his technical understanding and acumen is exemplary. His vision has led the company to diversify into areas of project management, engineering services and reactor and pressure vessel production.